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Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Play Depapepe - Canon in D (Video Tutorial, Chords, Lyrics)

"Canon in D" is one of best singles from Japanese duo guitarists, Depapepe. "Canon in D" is originally composed as a masterpiece by Johann Pachelbel, an German Barque. Well this below is Depapepe - Canon in D covered version from by Aram Lee. On this version, we think all of you can learn how to play Depapepe - Canon in D. We hope you enjoy, learn, and share this tutorial. 

How to Play Depapepe - Canon in D (Video Tutorial)

This below is the chords for Depapepe - Canon in D :

Artist : Depapepe
Title  : Canon in D
D  A  Bm  F#m  G  D  G  A
For Guitar Tab, you can check it out on, this.

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