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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Story of Indonesian Idol (Perjalanan Indonesian Idol)

This is the story of Indonesian Idol so far. The first winner si Joy Tobing, a female singer who have crystal clear voice. She defeated Delon, a male singer, at final. On Season 2 (2005), a big boy, Mike Mohede won the title. He has good jazzy voice. Ihsan Tarore, who are a common boy, have won the Indonesian Idol at 2006 (season 3). Rini Wulandari, Aris Runtuwene, and Igo Pentury, sequently won at 2007, 2008, and 2010. Now, at season 7 (2012), Indonesian Idol has been more competitive. We think this season will be more excited for the viewers because of the special character of voices from every contestant.

This below is the table for Indonesian Idol winners, just click this link below.

Winning Song
Winning Song (English Title)
Debut Album
Season 1 (2004)
Joy Tobing
Karena Cinta
Because Of Love
Terima Kasih (2004)
Season 2 (2005)
Semua Untuk Cinta
All For Love
Mike (2005)
Season 3 (2006)
Ihsan Tarore
Kemenangan Hati
Victory Of the Heart
The Winner (2006)
Season 4 (2007)
Aku Tetap Milikmu
I'm Still Yours
Aku Tetap Milikmu (2007)
Season 5 (2008)
Harapkan Sempurna
Hope To Be Perfect
Ajari Aku (2010)
Season 6 (2010)
Igo Pentury
Kemenangan Cinta
Victory of Love
Terima Kasih(2010)
Season 7 (2012)
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress

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